Kanakavali Yakshini Mantra

The Yakshini Mantra given in this post is about the Kanakavali Yakshini, a Yakshini about whom not much is known, including her appearance and specific qualities.  As mentioned repeatedly in earlier posts, there are far more Yakshinis than what has been mentioned in most of the Hindu Tantrik texts. Only the person who successfully invokes these unknown and unheard of Yakshinis will be able to give the description and attributes of these unknown Yakshinis.

The Kanakavali Yakshini Mantra Prayog has to be performed for eight days sitting under a Banyan tree in a secluded place where there is little likelihood of been disturbed during the course of the Mantra Sadhana.

Every day the Sadhak has to chant the Kanakavali Mantra given here 1000 times after offering the Kankavali Yakshini Alcohol and Meat or Fish.

The Yakshini is said to appear on the eight day, becomes the companion of the Sadhak, and keeps giving him clothing and food, which is sufficient for 12 men.

Note- As no information is available anywhere of anyone who has successfully invoked this Yakshini, the dangers resulting from the practice of the Sadhana is unknown.

A Hindu Mantra to invoke the mystic being Kanakavali
Kanakavali Yakshini Mantra 

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  1. Maithunpriye.. Doesn't Maithuna mean 'sexual union' in sanskrit? So does this mean she will do something similar to the sadhak? What if a sadhvi tries this like me?

    1. Then Enjoy the mystical and erotic lesbo sex. Chill!

      Just kidding....

      To a lady, she becomes a friend. Lesbianism is a modern concept being endorsed by corporates and other big international players and personalities.

  2. Neel Sir,
    Is it Kanakavali or Kanakavati? Google Search kanakavati and you find lots of sites about this Yakshini. Obviously Kanakavati is the correct spelling. Please verify the information in the post. Thank you again Sir.

    1. Yes, there is a Yakshini known as the Kanakavati Yakshini, but the information which I have given in this post is what I gathered from a Old text. These topics are shrouded in mystery and hence it is not possible to correctly verify all the information.

  3. Do we have to drink the alcohol and eat the meat offered to her all the Sadhana days or we just have to keep it there sir?

  4. यक्षिणियाँ असंख्य हैं .नामों मे सादृश्य के अलावा पूजन विधियाँ भी एकरूप नहीं हैं .
    एक .यक्षिणी कनकवती का मंत्र प्रस्तुत है-
    ओम हृीं आगच्छ कनकावती स्वाहा
    विधि-बड़ के पेड़ के नीचे चंदन का चौका लगाए और उसमे यक्षिणी का पूजन करे .नैवेद्य का भोग रखे फिर खरगोश का मान्सासव भेंट चढ़ावे .इसी तरह एक महीना तक करे .इस तरह प्रसन्न होकर देवीस्वयं आकर एक प्रकार का अंजन देगी जिससे पृथ्वी का गड़ा हुआ धन दीखेगा .


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