Indian Paranormal Beliefs on Money Handling

In this post, I have written about some of the common Indian paranormal beliefs regarding the everyday handling of money and cash.  These beliefs are also some of the simplest of the vast and diverse Indian Money and cash related remedies and easy for a believer in Indian remedies to practice.

While accepting cash from someone, you must tell that person to give it to you with his right hand. The same way if you are giving money to anyone, give it with your right hand.

While counting currency notes. Never apply spit on your fingers as it is considered to be an insult of the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi Mata.  This is also applicable while turning the pages of any religious text or Stotra.

Writing Shri- श्री or Shubh Labh- शुभ लाभ, with Ashtagandha on books and journals related to cash transactions and accounting bring good luck.

While leaving you home for any kind of business meeting or work, if your shirt has a pocket, keep some money in it as money is said to attract money.

The most auspicious color of the walls of the room where the safe or money box is kept is yellow and shades of yellow.  Black, red and blue colored walls are believed to be not very beneficial.

Accumulation of dirt and cobwebs over a safe, money locker or the cupboard where money is stored, is considered as inauspicious.

It is believed to be lucky if you remember Laxmi Mata while depositing cash in the bank, safe or cash counter.

Note- Please note that such articles are being published to give interesting information about India customs and traditions and not to spread superstition and blind faith.

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