Narayan Vandana

The verse given below is taken from the Shri Harinamamala Stotra. All the verses from this Stotra are energized Prarthana. This verse can be recited by the devotees of Narayan as a Vandana or a short prayer of Salutation to Narayan.

This Narayan Vandana is most suitable to those who have the inclination and desire to pray but do not have Narayan Vandanathe time to recite long Stotras and Chalisas.

श्री नारायण वंदना इन इंग्लिश एंड हिंदी
Shri Narayan Vandana in English and Hindi Text

Narayan Vandana - Prayer of Narayan in Hinduism
Narayan Vandana
I seek the blessings of Narayan who is beyond attributes, the one who is the epitome of bravery, the greatest of Gods. The one who destroyed Naagnath and Naraka.

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