Saraswati mantra for illumination of the mind

This is a mantra to meditate on the Goddess of learning Saraswati, the origin of higher knowledge and arts. This is the Saraswati mantra for illumination of the mind.

This mantra is suitable for students and those learning some fine art which requires inspiration. I would advise the recitation of this mantra once before commencing any type of activity related to knowledge, fine arts and Learning.

The wordings of the mantra are beautiful and philosophical. Saraswati is the fountainhead of the unfathomable ocean of knowledge. One should keep this in mind that while meditating on Saraswati one is also meditating on that unfathomable ocean of knowledge.

Hindu Goddess Saraswati mantra for illumination of the mind
Mantra for illumination of the mind

The divine vibrations of higher knowledge from the unfathomable ocean of words, which give knowledge. These vibrations illuminate all types of ntelligences.

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