Using the healing power of water to remove diseases

A most common practice used in India to rectify and cure health related problems as well as paranormal ones is really the simplest one. This simple practice using the healing power of water to remove diseases is said to work wonders. The healing powers of water are well known and proven; so no need to go into that again.

Take a flat bottomed vessel or a tub and fill it with warm [slightly lukewarm] water; just sufficiently warm so that it does not cause burning. Mix approximately a teaspoon of salt in this water.

Then sit comfortably on a chair and immerse your feet into this water. The water in the tub should be sufficient enough to cover your feet. While sitting try to cultivate a mood of meditation; where by you can attempt to still your mind. This can be done either by meditation on your favorite deity or on the ever-existent infinite. You can even sit before an image of your favorite deity; concentrating upon it. This should be practiced for about 30 minutes.

While sitting with you feet immersed in the water you will notice the Prana [life energy] entering your body though the finger tips. You will also notice the life energy circulating freely in your body. When the life energy starts freely circulating in your body it starts removing the impurities from the body through the Sympathetic Nervous System into the water.

After removing your feet from the water the first thing you should do is to throw the water in the tub into the commode so that either you or someone else does not come into contact with it.

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