Chakradatta Remedies for Piles and Stomach Pain

Chakradatta also referred to as Chakrapani or Chakrapanidutta was the composer of a very important and widely followed work on medicine and healing sometime in the latter half of the 11th century. He is also mentioned as being one of the pioneers of traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda.  Chakradatta authored a wide and diverse range of health remedies for most diseases and ailments, which are followed even today in either their original form or variations of the original compositions.
In this post, I have published two most simple remedies, contained in the Chakradatta composition, which were prescribed for getting relief from stomach pain and piles.

For getting relief from Stomach Pain
Til [Sesame Seeds] have to be grounded and pressed to form a small tablet. This Sesame Seeds tablet has to be heated on a fire and lightly pressed and rotated over the stomach.
After completion of the experiment, the Sesame Seed tablet has to be buried in a graveyard.

For getting relief from Piles, Fistula and Hemorrhoids
Approximately 60 grams of Black Sesame Seeds [ Kale Til ] should be chewed and consumed and water down the throat with cold water.

Both the remedies can be practiced repeatedly until the physical conditions mentioned are cured.

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