Where to Implant Computer in the Body

Included in the program discussing implanting a future even more advanced complex molecular matrices computer into one's body, some who had gotten such new special neurons fully functioning as wanted, properly communicating with external molecular matrices computers, mentally competed with some ordinary moderns. They usually achieved quicker &/or better results.

They explained that actual intended future safe implants in the body would have lots of sections interacting in parallel, able to accomplish lots more much better. This would become somewhat like having two brains, the old evolved one being for the body, operating at cellular speeds, while the new efficiently densely compact molecular matrices computerized one might serve mostly for complex often mathematical creativity, operating at electronic speed, with efficient low energy needs internally supplied nicely converted from body heat, (then soon giving back reusable waste heat).

Implant a molecular matrices computer where? A male's belly was bigger than in (not pregnant) females. It was of course never wanted for any baby. Thus it offered ample space usable for an added new noncellular brain volume, plus good additional volume available for safe converters from body heat into usable electricity, especially since moderns, well supplied with very good nourishing quite fully digestable food, didn't need a fat storing belly. (In fact, some past ordinary human fat males had gotten part of their overweight bellies extracted in special operations, proving that big bellies were little needed.) When carefully implanted, these should of course never possibly harmfully damage nor interfere with the vitally most important digestive system always active in any male's belly.

Might conversion of belly heat into electricity, good for an implanted new noncellular brain volume, leave one getting uncomfortably cooled here? No. Such electricity would quickly return (reusable) waste heat from mental activity here.

This might seem almost like effectively freely getting something from nothing. This is another reason why earlier physics had presumed simple average temperature sonic speed random molecular motions heat could not be freely converted into usable electricity. But in fact the electricity wasn't truly free energy. It exploited local fast sonic speed molecular heat random motions, thus resulting in temperature ending up cooled. Early physics had thought heat energy could only be exploited by most often taking advantage of a higher temperature effect, usually like higher gas pressure than that from local temperatures, such as in a gasoline engine or other fuel burning turning device such as in some electric generating stations, or a rocket flame's burning hot high pressure competing against ordinary cool air pressure outside. But that had somewhat ignored the true nature of ordinary heat, with sonic molecular speeds exploitably very fast, such as in water (at 25degC=77degF) 1,498m/s if distilled, or sea water 1,531m/s, (or 354m/s in air).

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