Energy for Future Cylinder Space Seas

The lift boxes for settlers visiting in Cyl Sea had to be initially entered and air sealed from the settlement's axis end, due to air pressure from Cyl Sea rotation of course being lower up at its axis. These lift boxes were also heat insulated since much heat well above the lower sea surface was converted back into electricity for much of the fresh daily lighting to simulate Earth days.

Ample heat converters up here thus kept the upper atmosphere near freezing, helping circulate air, while also letting some clouds form, to sometimes slowly usefully rain on the sea and the islands. Simulated sunlight then properly produced daily temperatures good for the sea and islands life.

Like Earth sea islands, daytime heating of the many islands and the sea from the simulated sunlight slowly returned warmed air up higher in the the atmosphere. This would carry up enough water vapor to become future rain, as required for the islands' plants (and animals).

The Solar light converting big disk film, previously at the axis end of the high orbiting cylinder multilevel settlement now joined to Cyl Sea, and also its supporting tower, had been much enlarged before reattaching now out from the new Cyl Sea axis at its big cylinder far end. This would supply much more wanted electricity as needed within Cyl Sea. As before, its facing direction would be kept very slowly turning to stay facing Sol all year as Earth orbited Sol.

The Solar light converting disk film at the cylinder settlement's other end was also expanded bigger for more electricity, (& to balance Solar light weak pressure on the disk films out at the two joined cylinders axis opposite ends). This supplied additional energy needed for Cyl Sea.

For extra electric energy, to give internal daily simulated full sunlight brightness, it had been decided to use the length of Cyl Sea to stick from both ends what would support a big rectangle frame holding a Solar light converting film to be kept always facing Sol all year as Earth orbiting things were orbiting Sol, by having its facing direction slowly turned just once per year.

Days would be somewhat simulated by starting lighting at one Cyl Sea end, spreading this 100km toward the other end, then shutting off lights at the starting end and gradually spreading this darkness toward the other end. (One end would be lit more brightly, more warmly to be slightly more tropical. This would mildly help circulate Cyl Sea's atmosphere and sea water.)

Such an artificial sea had became possible, thanks to now a number of geostationary cable lifts around Earth. After Cyl Sea finally got fully formed and sealed air tight, the needed atmosphere air was introduced and warmed, and gradually raised near normal Earth surface 1Atm pressure. Lots of needed sea water was being sent up to gradually raise a sea level to a good wanted depth all around Cyl Sea. Gradually Cyl Sea spin rate was raised to give effective centrifugal force weights at sea surface level to become half the gravitational force down on Earth.

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