Most Powerful Pratyangira Mantra Sadhana

The Goddess Pratyangira is a fearsome form of the Mother Goddess, which has the face of a lioness, She is considered to be the last resort in destroying Evil, including Black Magic, Malefic Tantric Experiments and Most Powerful Invisible Malefic Spirits and Ghostly Entities.  She is also said to protect and safeguard devotees from enemy problems, premature death, and accident, natural and unforeseen calamities and remove all kinds of fear from their mind.

The Puranas and other Hindu texts contain a few examples of the immense and infinite powers and exploits of Pratyangira Mata, Some of the information gathered by me from these texts clearly indicates that she should never be invoked for wrongful purposes.

There is specific most powerful Shakti Sadhana of the Pratyangira Devi called the Sarva Sankat Nashak Mantra Sadhana meaning a Mantra Sadhana to destroy all dangers, which is preferably commenced and completed during the period of Navratri. If unable to perform the Mantra Sadhana during Navratri, then it can be commenced on any other auspicious Tithi.  The practitioner has to visit a temple of the Goddess and chant this Devi Mantra in Sanskrit, which, I have given below 10,000 times during this period.

After this, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 108 times daily to avert or overcome the dangers and problems, which are mentioned above. It is best to use a Rudraksha Mala for the Mantra Counting.

Aum  Hreem Utthishta Purushi Kim Svapishi Bhayam May Samupastitham
Yadi Shakyam Ashakyam Vaa Tanmay Bhagavati Shamaya Swaha Hreem Aum ||
ओम् ह्रीं उत्तिष्ट पुरुषि किं स्वापिषि भयम् मे समुपस्थितम् यदि शक्यम् अशक्यम्  वा तन्मे भगवति शमय स्वाहा ह्रीं ओम् ॥

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  1. without the meaning it is not possible to generate bhaw .. kindly give us the meaning too

  2. Ring means godess jago kyu so rahi ho.mere samne bhay upasthith hai.yeah bhay ho bhi Sakta hai ya nahi bhi.mai nishchit nahi hu.I m in doubt.I m in bhi hai bhagwati aap uska saman Kare aur mujhe mukt karo.this is meaning.
    .neelji check karna.mistake ho to correct kare.

    1. You have interpreted the meaning and the purpose of the Mantra correctly.

    2. I want to get rid of black majic to me and my family.I use to chant om hring sring prathyangire mamA rakhsa raksha it enough .plz help

    3. I and my family want to get rid of black majic .I chant om hring sring prathyangire mama rakhshaq it enough?plz help

  3. respected neelji in many places mool mantra of pratyangira devi is as under
    om sat chit ananda prabrahma,
    purushothama paramatma,
    sri bhagavathi sametha,
    sri bhagavathe namaha.
    kindly let us know which mantra we should chant the one given by you in this post or the mantra which I have written above. In both mantra name of pratyangira devi not appearing
    guide plz as i am doing mantra which given by u in this post.

    1. You can chant the Mantra given here, which is a specific Mantra Sadhana or the Mool Mantra, which is with you.
      The Pratyangira Devi is a form of the Universal Mother and even though the name does not appear in the Mantra the wordings of the Mantra given by you are descriptive of the Universal Mother Bhagwati.

  4. neelji sir plz specifically tell which mantra should chant the one given in your post above or the mantra i have mentioned above.
    I havre completed 10000 mantra in navratri the mantra was which is in your post above namely om hring uthisth purushi .......... and i have performed the havan of red chilli which is kinlly accepted by devi,
    i am confused which mantra is mool mantra the one given by u in post or the one i have written for your approval., namely om sat chit ananda........ plz clarify doubt because like me many people are confused which mantra should chant by us for pratyangira devi.which one is authentic for devi upashana.sorry for trouble sir.
    I have read that the mantra which is in your post is mantra of vandurga devi and it is also called mahadigbandhan mantra sir is it true.plz clarify specifically what to chant for pratyangira devi.
    with warm regards

    1. Both are relevant Mantras, which Mantra to chant depends upon you. The Mantra given in the post is a Samput Mantra, which can be used to worship both Pratyangira and Van Durga Devi.
      However, if you are in doubt then you can chant the Mantra, which is with you, it all depends upon your faith in the Mantra.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. neelji, i am doing pratyangira sadhna second time with mantra given in post above.I come to conclusion that batuk bhairav have influnced mother pratyangira to harm me instead of favouring or solving my problems, the batuk bhairav who is after me in this birth because of past life sin or as i was bogus tantrik in past life. i have performed batuk anushthan through priest before two months to pacify him but of no use. he puts obstacle in almost everything. how to save myself from him sir. i am getting headache or say head (mastisk) related problem since 15 days after completing first sadhna in navratri and it is more acute during second sadhna in diwali days ( sadhna is continue ) plz help me sir what to do.

  7. This is not pratyangira mantra. This is vanadurga moola mantra. PratyanPrat mantra is different and isvery dangerous to chant

  8. It is not pratyangira mantra it is moola mantra of vanadurga matha


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