Mantra to Make Enemy Hair Fall

The world is full of people seeking revenge against an enemy who is so powerful that it is extremely difficult to retaliate against him in the normal manner. Some such people who have been wronged practice all kinds of paranormal methods, including revenge spells to get back at the enemy. Hindu Tantra Shastra for enemies contains the most diverse and unique such revenge spells to get back at the enemy. In this post, I have described one such Shartu Nashak Mantra, which was practiced in the middle ages to remove the hair from the head of an enemy and make him bald.

Nevertheless, it is most appropriate to add that it is not possible for me to vouch for the success or failure of this Mantra, as I have not witnessed it being practiced by anyone.

The Mantra has to be Mastered by chanting it 10,000 times during the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse or any of the auspicious Hindu Tithis or festivals. A counting rosary prepared from Rudraksha Beads is used to keep track of the number of Mantra Chants.

Actual practice to make the enemy bald- A little bit of mud or dust from the spot where the enemy has stood or walked has to be collected [this means the mud or dust from the spot where his footprints are visible]. This mud has to be mixed with a little bit of Ajwain; an Indian spice known as carom in English and the mixture has to be infused with the Mantra by holding it in the hand and chanting the Mantra seven times.

If this Mantra infused mixture is thrown on the head of the enemy, the Tantra says his hair will start falling off and soon he will become bald.

A Hindu revenge spell to make an enemy bald
Mantra to Make Enemy Hair Fall

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