Recently I had a past life regression subject one Prakash Patel [name changed], a 38 year old chemical engineer. He is a well built person about 6 feet tall and 90 Kilogrammes. His problem was that at least once a day he experienced an uncontrollable sexual urge, which he felt was engulfing his entire body. When he experienced this uncontrollable urge his entire thought process changed and all that came to his mind was sex and more sex,and it seemed to him that he had lost control over his mind, and was desperate to indulge in any type and kind of sexual activity.

Normally a well balanced person, it was only when he experienced this uncontrollable sexual urge that his entire thought process changed. This person felt that his problem had something to do with his past lives, and wanted to go in for past life regression therapy, to get his thought process back to normal.

At first glance I could make out that his problem did not lie in his past lives, and he did not require past life regression therapy. I do not unnecessarily advice my subjects to go in for hypnotic therapy, because in the deep somnambulistic state latent memories are aroused, and this might affect the subject in other ways, and how the subject will be affected cannot be predicted.

I then told him clearly to get out of the past life mindset, as his problem had nothing to do with his past life, and that I would give him hypnotic therapy only if he did not respond to another kind of treatment which was simple and uncomplicated. Hypnotic therapy would only be used as a last resort.

I had diagnosed his problem as that in which there is excess accumulation of energy in the last two chakras or energy centers in the body. THE MULDHARA CHAKRA, which is situated below the spinal cord between the spinal cord and annus,and THE SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA, which is situated about a couple of inches above the muldhara chakra near the ovaries. These two chakras control the basic wants of life which are material in nature and the basic desires like love, anger and sexual energy.

In the human body are three main channel the sympathetic, parasympathetic and central nervous systems, these three nadis are situated along the spinal cord and they run in a curved manner which can be likened to a snake, these three nadis in this curved movement overlap each other and at the various fields of crossing an energy field is created which flows in an circular manner which can be compared to a wheel or a chakra hence the word chakra is used to describe these centers of energy, the frequency of these energy fields increases from the lower to the higher chakra i.e. the force which is generated increases from the lower to the higher.

In the case of my subject, the flow of energy was being sucked in by the two lower chakras, hence causing severe imbalance, as a result the body parts corresponding to the two lower chakras had become hyperactive, and these included the body parts and glands relating to sexual activity the Adrenal Glands and the Gonads.

I advised him to practice ROOT MANTRAS FOR THE SEVEN CHAKRAS.There are numerous methods of balancing the chakras, some very complicated, it is however advisable to stick to the simplest method. The root mantras have no specific meaning attached to them; these are sound frequencies which stimulate the energy centers.

And the results were almost immediate, after practicing the simple meditation for about three days; he reported that the uncontrollable urges which he used to feel were gone. He had the feeling that he was very much in control; he did not experience any loss of vitality. He also reported that his mind was clearer than before, he was able to concentrate on his work better than before and experienced sound sleep and was on a whole feeling relaxed mentally and physically.

What had transpired as a result of the meditation on the root mantras for the seven chakras. was that the energy blockages has been removed. The energy was flowing naturally and freely from the root chakra to the crown chakra. As a result the subject's affected body parts were not sucking in excess energy and this energy was freely circulating in the whole body. The glands and body parts corresponding to sexual activities had ceased to be hyper active and hence were functioning normally.

Thus what the subject thought was a complicated problem as a result of what he thought was his Karma from his past life was solved successfully after just about three days of simple meditation. The free flow of energy has ensured that that the subject's senses had become heightened and he was able to experience them much better than before.

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  1. Sorry different subject can you advise what could be the cause of one keep losing his job and what remedy


  2. Hi Neel ji,

    I checked the Root mantras link given by you in your articlre but the mantras are little different than those found at many places on internet. Just to be sure that I am chanting the right mantra, I request you to guide me...
    The mantra for, e.g muladhar is given as LAM-va, but at many chakra sites its only LAM. Same for manipur chakra, the mantra given is RAM-da, but its only RAM at other chakra sites. This applies to all chakra mantras here.
    Really request you to guide and clarify!

    1. The Mantras are the same, only the other sounds associated with the chakras are given next to the Mantras.

  3. Sir, I am a woman, married for 15 years having two children, but I never experience any sexual pleasure with my husband even though our is a love marriage. I feel very frustrated. What should I chant and how can I solve this problem.

  4. Sir I really regret some mistakes from my past plzzzz help me.Is there any way one can become an energetic virgin again by removing energetic residue n remove karmic cords frompast sexual incident


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