I get numerous mails every day from people asking me about Past Life Regression, how they can be certain that what they think they are experiencing is really a Past Life experience or something else. There are people who after visiting a Past life Regression Practitioner, become even more confused than before. I have spoken about THE TRUTH BEHIND PAST LIFE ,and how to be certain if IS IT PAST LIFE EXPERIENCE that you are experiencing, in the above mentioned posts, now let’s talk about how to be certain that your Past Life Regression Practitioner is telling you the truth.

I have already said that Past life Experience is an extremely rare occurrence and experienced by a handful of people. Now there is a very simple test to really know if what you are experiencing is really an experience from the past. When you visit a Past Life Regression Practitioner insist on a live recording of the session, pay extra for that if asked for.

You must have been told that when you go into a Trance during the Past Life Regression sessions, you will leave your present body and enter the body, which you had lived in, in your past lives. When you go into a trance and enter another body, you are experiencing the full experience of that body. So also the language used by that body, your language and vocabulary are also bound to change, you may speak in an unknown language, you may speak of landmarks that existed in that period of time, the exact dates etc. from which you can be certain that it was really a Past Life experience. The live recording is bound to tell you about these things. The main thing to watch out for is your language, tone and vocabulary; if it does not change then it is not a Past Life experience.

I have found it really funny, while watching realty shows, that the person who is supposed to have gone into a trance and entered his/her Past Life body speaking in today’s English language slang’s and telling every about the Past Life experience.

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  1. Fascinating post. I once read somewhere of an overweight man going through past life regression to find that in another life, he was lost in the woods and hungry, eventually dying there, which was cause of his present life overweight problem.

  2. Very Intersting Thanks for helping me and other people too


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