Somnambulism is the deep artificial sleep, nearest to the walking state, induced by a hypnotist. It may be distinguished from sleep walking or natural somnambulism. As both the states are identical in most ways that the name somnambulism is used for both of them. Hypnosis is known as artificial somnambulism and the other state is called natural or spontaneous hypnosis. These two states are so similar that it becomes difficult to say which is which.

The facial expression, the eyes open, or half closed or fully closed are the marked similarities. The blood circulation and heart beats also remain the same in both the states. However there is discernible a certain difference in the tone of the voice. This is why somnambulism can be feigned so easily without detection. The difference between induced and natural somnambulism is that of degrees of movements. In artificial or induced deep sleep the movements are well marked and defined; in spontaneous somnambulism they are rare and slow.

Artificial or induced somnambulism is a desired artificial state of deep sleep and absorption, in which the subject carries out the suggestions made by the hypnotist. The subject can see, hear speak, feel, and taste and smell imaginary things suggested by the hypnotist. He can exclude and ignore actual sensory impulses if so suggested. It is the highest possible phase in hypnotic trance. During this trance it is normal to experience hallucinations and delirious conditions. It is also called as the real hypnotic state.

Some may get into this stage in the very first hypnotic attempt, but others may not until the third, fourth or fifth attempt.

It is not advisable to induce this phase until the patient is quite experienced and has become habitual to being hypnotized. The hypnotist must take care as to what suggestions are given in this state, it must be used with great care in therapies like Past Life Regression.

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