In response to the post THE TRUTH BEHIND PAST LIFE I have received a lot of emails from my readers telling me that they experience feelings every day from their past life’s or have flashes from their past life’s these people ask me how can I say that past life remembrances are rarest of rare occurrences when they experience it every day.

I must tell you that I respect your sentiments and there is no doubt in my mind that that you are telling the truth, I will try to answer you queries and hope you to satisfy you but it is my request to you to read what I say with an open mind without any bias.

Past Life Visions in 3D
Past Life Visions
The entire universe is made up of an infinite number of energies of which we are also a minute part; these energies which we cannot see are continuously bombarding our brain and each and every cell in our body with their unique frequencies and are a part and parcel of our daily life this has been proven by various scientific studies done in this regard most human brains cannot decipher this information and most often this information can be felt as feelings and sensations which the average person cannot comprehend.

I have told you before that no energy in this universe is ever destroyed it is recycled and this includes human beings thus when a human being dies the energy which was him is present in space till the time he is reborn or gets another form, thus there are countless such energies or entities roaming freely in space.

Past life Frequency Artwork image
Past life Frequency Art
One may unintentionally come in contact with such entities which are roaming in space and share the feelings and memories of that entity which are never completely destroyed by death, thus you may feel that what you have experienced was from your past life, there is nothing to get alarmed about it this is a normal occurrence only most people are not aware of it, there are countless such entities whose frequencies we are bombarded with every moment and only a few persons can feel these frequencies.

What to do when you become aware that you are in tune with certain unique frequencies, you must do nothing the harder you try to break free the more closer you will come in tune with that frequency, you must accept that this is a most normal occurrence and it happens to everyone you are not alone so why worry about it.

As I have said before to know about your past life reincarnations is the rarest of rare experience I will tell you later on about how to try to get that experience.

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