Past life Regression therapy is a term we hear almost every day and is becoming more and more popular day by day; Past life Regression is a technique where a so-called Practitioner pushes a willing subject eager to find out about the unique mysteries of his Past life into a trance like state through the use of Hypnosis.

I must mention here that this state of Hypnosis is most often a state of self Hypnosis created by the subject himself there after the Practitioner asks the subject a set of questions aimed at asking the hypnotized subject to reveal his Past life history his various reincarnations through suggestions, and the subject who already in a self induced state of Hypnosis answers back about his various Past life reincarnations what he has always fantasized about or what he has stored in some corner of his memory, the willing subject and eager Practitioner are both happy with the net result and go home satisfied.

Past Life 3D Artwork Image
Past Life 3D Art
Please do not misunderstand me I am not telling you that Past life and reincarnations are bogus they do happen but to know about is not that simple as ''go to a Past life Practitioner and know your Past life''.

Here I am telling you about three ways through which such experiences are possible, please note that I am using the term experiences as a broader term,99% of such experiences are nothing but self Hypnosis as I have already said let’s not go into that again……

One such experience which is beneficial both mentally and physically to the subject is when in an deep hypnotic state he releases certain deep rooted memories mostly of a negative energy and such release frees the Life force locked in these memories to be used elsewhere and physical and mental relief is felt, this is because the life force is more often than not unevenly distributed throughout the body and gravitates towards those areas where it is most needed.

Entity Artwork Image
Entity Artwork
The second experience is triggered when one is in a particular place at a given time in a state of total mental silence and a external energy takes over his mind, but first let me tell you that no energy is ever destroyed it is recycled thus when somebody dies the release of the life energy which was his identity is released into space and finds an outlet into the mentally inactive body of any such person passing through that area where this energy normally exists, this can explain most genuine case of past life remembrances when the subject suddenly starts remembering things which he thinks are from his past life, such memories are erased after some time when the entity leaves that particular body.

The third type of Past life experiences can also happen when in deep silent state of mind the subject comes into contact with various life energy forms one after the other whose memories flash through his mind and the subject imagines these are his Past life experiences, here the subject is in a more controlled state and hence there are no long lasting effects as in the case mentioned above.

The third type, which is genuine Past life remembrance, is extremely rare, as I have explained above that it is the recycled energy, which comes back to life, and this recycled energy cannot remember its past forms.

Here I must tell you that to get into that deep silent state is the most difficult part and in cannot be achieved by self-hypnosis or suggestions. To control the mind can be summarized thus "For the mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krishna, and to subdue it is, it seems to me, more difficult than controlling the wind." (Bg. 6.34) Bhagwat Geeta.

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  1. I really enjoyed your take on this. I also believe in reincarnation. I have always been more than a bit dubious however about hypnotic past life regression. Depending on the hypnotist and the methods used, the past life memories could be a result of the hypnotist leading the patient with certain questions. This has also been proven in many alien abduction cases and any type of hypnotism. Although I believe hypnotism can have therapeutic qualities , it can have a much more negative effect if used by a poorly trained practitioner or someone with a negative intent.

  2. Sir, Thank you for such an informative portal. We live in a place prone to earth quakes and we have been experiencing quite a many for the past few months. I would be grateful if you can let me know the mantra or sloka for protection.

    Sorry, in my anxiety I have typed it here as I didn't really look around to see where i cold post this question appropriately


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