Karma is a word we hear every day and more often than not one thinks that this is some supernatural term and is taught how to create good Karma various gurus teach various methods and the student finally ends up practicing some method and ends up more confused than before not knowing what to do. Let me tell you there is absolutely no need to go to a guru when you know and understand what Karma really is and how it can make your life better.

Let me first tell you what the word Karma really means, Karma is nothing but what is stored in your memory from the time you are born till the day you die every action in your life by default gets stored in your memory one might forget many events but that does not mean that those events or actions have been wiped out from your memory they are never wiped away but will remain in your brain till the day you die.

Hindu Theory of Karma 3D Artwork
Karma 3D Art
Most of you will have experienced that certain events, thoughts, smells, or places have triggered the remembrance of a long forgotten event, from this you will know that these memories respond to certain as events, places, taste or sensations. This inner mind or involuntary memory is what is really known as the subconscious mind or involuntary mind over which you do not have any control.

Now as I have told you that what whatever we experience in life is stored in our memory or subconscious mind now these memories may be of good, neutral or bad nature, and by thinking or experiencing them again and again one ends up in a particular frame of mind now this frame of mind may be good, neutral or bad in this state we or our minds tune in to a particular frequency which might be any of the above and in this state a good frequency attracts one or more good frequencies, like a bad frequency will always attract bad frequencies, this is the simple explanation for what is called the law of Karma, and how it effects you ,please keep in mind that what I have said is true like frequencies attract each other.

Now what most people do is try to brush away the bad memories under the carpet they try not to think about them and when they remember these bad memories they try to think about some other things this I tell you makes these bad memories even stronger and the bad frequencies which they attract get even stronger and stronger, the way to deal with them is when they come one should not try to hide from them but to meet them headlong and experience them in a neutral way this will help one get over them.
Karma Good Vibes Artwork
Good Vibes Art

A thing about bad Karma is the lingering guilt feeling one gets over and over again and feeling guilty makes this guilt feeling even stronger, the key here is to remember that what has happened has happened and you cannot change the past and feeling guilty will not help you should remember that it was the other persons Karma which made you react the way you did this will then not harm you in any manner.

Again I am telling you that Karma is not some mysterious thing but what it really means is good, neutral or bad actions get equal reactions hence it is always advisable to act and behave like a good person, this way you will create mostly good Karma and please keep in mind that everything in this universe is interconnected and part of the same thing WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US and by doing harm to another person we are harming ourselves.

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  1. This is a great post. Karma is a wonderful thing indeed. Another easy way to think about this is , What you put out, will usually be returned many times over. I personally feel good karma will always protect from bad karma, and in this day and age there are a lot of people who act in a very despicable manner. By not allowing yourself to get sucked into their cycle of stupidity and dishonorable actions, you are protecting yourself from their "karmic baggage". I guess it's best to remember that the despicable actions of others are always returned to them and for this reason you really shouldn't get to upset about the dishonorable actions of others. Focus only on your own deeds and actions in a positive way to attain a more positive karma. The concepts of karma certainly can get confusing though.

  2. A deep thought. Maybe "Karma" is something similar with the law of "cause and effect".

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  4. What I understand of Karma is: These are your own deeds, (your karam or Karams, if we ref to sansikrit). If your deeds are good, good will automatically come to you. If your deeds are bad, bad is bound to happen to. So simple key is do good have good.


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