Those of you who have practiced the technique given by me to open your third eye which has been shown by me in THIRD EYE AWAKENED will no doubt now ask me now what next, how do we attain the final union with the pure universal energy, how to open the Crown Chakra.

But first before I tell you about the opening of the crown chakra a little bit of introduction of the crown chakra is essential because as I have said earlier one should always know what one is doing then only will one get the required results. The Crown or Sahasrara Chakra is situated at the crown of the head and is linked to the pituitary gland, which secretes hormones, which communicate with rest of the endocrine system, and connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus.

Crown Chakra Image 3D
Crown Chakra 3D
The thalamus plays a major role in the physical basis of consciousness. Represented as a wheel with one thousand spokes, it is located at the crown of the head and is represented by the color violet; the thousand spokes move in a clockwise rotation this I have already spoken about in detail in THE SEVEN CHAKRAS. This chakra deals with issues, which represent consciousness, which is higher than that of the Third Eye Chakra this is the consciousness of Karma, union with the universal energy and the highest level of Meditation.

Now to the final part how to awaken the Crown Chakra, as always I will keep this simple and not try to confuse with technical details and symbols which if you go into you will go round and round in chakras and end up more confused than before. Now those of you who have practiced the MEDITATION OF SILENCE will understand what I mean, you have to let go all thoughts and emotions without straining if the thoughts and emotions come let them come don’t try to remove them this will make them stronger than before, when you see your thoughts and emotions as they are and become one with them the they will cease to fragment your mind and your mind will become whole.

Crown Chakra Image Artwork
Crown Chakra Artwork
It is always advisable to keep your Spine erect you can sit in any position which you find comfortable those of you who find it difficult to sit for some time can sleep on your back with your Spine erect by erect I do not mean stretch and strain your Spine but keep it in a straight line, remember you have to always feel comfortable, now look with your mind at the Root Chakra which is situated below the spinal cord between the spinal cord and annus and then slowly in your mind move up in a straight line along the Spine and up through the crown of your head, always remember that when you still your thoughts the life energy which you breath in will be equally distributed throughout your body and when you will it in your mind it will move through your Spine and out through the crown of your head to merge with the universal energy.

Now what are the consequences of this upward movement of the life energy and its union with the universal energy, I will tell you that there are no stereotyped benefits but what each of you acquires will be unique and depends on your Karma please remember that the universal energy of which we are a fragment of works in a way of its own which is beyond the human imagination.

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