Location and Function of other Nadis

Apart from the Ida, Pingala, the Sushumna Nadi, and the Nadis located inside the Shusumna Nadi, there are other Nadis in the human body, which perform stuble and important functions to enable the smooth and proper functioning in the human body. The proper development of these Nadis is important for the practitioners of Kundalini Yoga. Basic information about the locations and functions of these Nadis is described below in this post.

Gandhari Nadi- This Nadi rises from the Nabhi or Manipur Chakra, the Third Chakra related with the Solar Plexus and stops at the Left Eye.

Hasti Jeeva Nadi- This Nadi rises from the Nabhi Chakra and stops at the Right Eye.

Pusha Nadi-This Nadi rises from the Nabhi Chakra and come to the Right Ear.

Vishodari Nadi-This Nadi rises from the Nabhi Chakra, come into the Abdomen, and influences the digestion of food, including solid food and wine.

Saraswati Nadi-This Nadi ends at the tip of the tongue and influences speech, the ability of putting thoughts in words and knowledge gained through the speech. This Nadi is also known as the Arundhati Nadi.

Eka Nadi- This Nadi is also called the Yashasvini Nadi and it influences the accumulation of cold in the nose and sneezing.

Shankhini Nadi- This Nadi come down from the throat, then goes up, and influences the movement of the digestive juices to the head.

Varini Nadi- This Nadi is responsible to the Mala Tyaga [removal of the waste from the body].

Kuku Nadi-This Nadi influences the removal of waste from the human body through urine.

Chitra Nadi- This Nadi influences the ejaculations of semen from the human body.

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  1. as for Hindu religion how many time we can do pooja and how to do and time,mantra

    1. This is a post on Kundalini Nadi, for specific information, for Puja and other information ask on the concerned article.


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