Location of the Third World War

The word tribulation appears in the Bible no less than a hindered times, the tribulation as explained in numerous earlier articles published on this site, is the Biblical term for the yet to come future times of ultimate strife and destruction of the Kali Yuga. The exact location of Battle of Armageddon or the Third World War is described clearly in the 6th Bowl of Wrath, the word Armageddon is related in the Hebrew language to mean Mount Megiddo in northern Israel, which is strategically located and controls the Plain of Megiddo also known as the Plain of Esdraelon and the Jezreel Valley. It is also the gateway to Jerusalem.

From the description given in the Sixth Bowl of Wrath, we see that there are drastic climatic changes and the great river Euphrates evaporates and around the same time, there is a massive invasion from China [Kings of the East] via Tibet, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.

It also becomes clear from this description of the start of the Third World War that it centers around the Middle Eastern nations. The Kings of the East [China] along with the nations allied with them gather around the region of the central battlefield, which is the area around Megiddo. It is also clear that not all the nations at war will gather in the single Plain of Esdraelon but the battle lines will stretch for thousands of miles through Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Africa, Europe and the Meditation.  The Plain of Esdraelon will only be the first line of conflict, which heralds in the most destructive Third World War.

However, the 6th Bowl of Wrath does give the reason for this invasion nor does it give the duration of the Third World War.

The 7th Bowl of Wrath is descriptive of the Ultimate Earthquake, which changes the Map of the World. This is also an indication that the Ultimate Earthquake follows the massive destruction of the Third World War and causes more unimaginable destruction.

Not a happy future to look forward to, however, there is a Silver Lining a New Age or the Age of the Kalki Avatar of Vishnu will dawn after the tribulation.

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  1. After the destruction, the Anglo Saxons will rebuild the world under the name of Lucifer. This was mentioned in Albert Pike letters and also in a video on youtube titled Anglo Saxon mission. Kalki and all is thousands of years later.

  2. Third world war is to destroy the current infrastructure of earth. The Anglo Saxons who are allied with an inner earth civilization (Patala Loka) will rebuild earth in Mega cities as one world government. You can watch videos of 2050 future cities.

  3. Watch the videos of 2050 future cities. The Asura lokas look like that. Asuras are the masters of technology. Europeans are Danavas, main Asuras.

  4. The third Antichrist is not like the first two in any form. The third is Omnipotence. This can describe humanity as a whole. Why not? Right now, we humans do not give a damn about the future of this planet, which in reality is not ours. We waste and will soon have no water. We ruin the air we believe in by burning needlessly oil, gas and coal. The Earth is maintained in its orbit by the weight and amount of ice in the Artic and Antarctic. When the ice is
    melted, not only will the oceans rise and millions will die, but the planet Earth will begin to wobble and leave its current orbit. Then what?


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