Abundance Remedy for New House Or Shop

In this post, I have described a simple prosperity, abundance, peace and happiness Totka, which can be practiced by anyone, after moving into a new home or after purchasing a new shop or office, in this post. This Totka is probably influenced by the remedies for tranquility contained in the magical book Lal Kitab and also Vastu Shastra.  The remedy is simple, like most of these Hindu paranormal remedies and can be practiced by anyone moving into a new home or starting a business in a new business premises like a shop or office.

A simple Charm has to be prepared to attract harmonious vibrations and positive energy into the new house or shop. There are five essential ingredients needed to prepare the good luck bringing charm, which are listed below and cannot be replaced by any other item.
Seven Sticks of Turmeric [Haldi]
Seven Whole Betel Nuts [Whole Unbroken Supari], the ones used for Puja.
A small pair of Snakes [male-female] in metal. Such Snake Pairs, known as Sarp-Sarpini or Naag-Nagin Ka Joda in Hindi are available anywhere in India, including shops dealing in religious and Puja items.
A small Silver Sheet, called as Chandi Ka Patra in Hindi.
A small copper utensil with a cover.

To practice this remedy, all that has to be done is to put the first four ingredients in the copper utensil or box, close the lid and keep it in the Western Corner of the Home or Shop. This Western Corner and the Copper Utensil should always be kept clean and free from dust and dirt, The Copper Utensil should not be opened as far as possible

Apart from what I have mentioned in the post, there is no other Puja-Worship or any other ritual  recommended  for practicing this remedy,


  1. Hello Guruji,

    Nag Nagini pair you mentioned Metal Can i use silver pair?
    One more question Westren corner you have mentioned.. for my house can i keep it on the west side wall and can i keep it on the floor or can i use any plank or table to keep it this.. Please suggest

    1. Any metal, including silver can be used.
      Keep it in the west on the floor or on a plank or table.

  2. Can this remedy be practiced while entering rented house? What should we do with this while shifting to another rented house in future?

    1. This remedy can be practiced while moving into any home, rented or purchased, the same procedure can be followed.

  3. Sir, thank you so much for replying to my query. We shifted in a rented flat on 13th Nov and due to some reasons I could not do the above remedy, Can we do it Now? Kindly advise.


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