Astrology Prediction of Lalitgate

This site has stated time and again that the future is every changing and dynamic and the end result is the outcome of limitless probabilities.  This is also true for the future of nations and hence what is happening in India at the present moment of time is the outcome of some or the other of the countless probabilities manifesting in a particular direction. The breaking news events of the past month or so are occurring in the same pattern, the outcome of a chain reaction triggered off by one particular action, the Lalit Modi episode.

Small, insignificant and isolated events that appear to be unconnected are part of a larger chain reaction and directed to fulfill a certain predetermined event, which occurs in the future. Let’s look at the Lalitgate episode it began with Sushma Swaraj and diverted towards Vasundhara Raje, it has also enveloped people like Smriti Irani, Pankaja Munde amongst others.

However, the end target obviously is Narendra Modi because he is the one who has to take the final action. Again, any action taken by Narendra Modi against the alleged Lalit Modi conspirators will give rise to another set of unlimited probabilities.

In astrological terms the events triggered off by the Lalit Modi episode is part of an Antar Dasha, which is part of a bigger Maha Dasha. This Maha Dasha connects the horoscope of India with the horoscope of Narendra Modi and whatever action or inaction Narendra Modi takes will again direct the chain reaction in a particular direction, which impacts the future of his government, either positively or negatively.

The Lalit Modi episode will not die down depending on the action or inaction of Narendra Modi, what it will do is to power his future is one particular direction.

The limitless possibilities of a particular action are the reason why most astrologers fail to predict the outcome of major national events like elections and political scandals. The Motto of Lalit Modi is “If I drown, I will take everyone down with me” “Dubunga To Sab Ko Saath Leke Dubunga”

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