Feng Shui Remedies for Doors in Straight Line

According to Feng Shui, not all the doors of a house should be positioned in a straight line.  If the doors are in a straight line or face each other, this gives rise to arguments, bruised egos and fights amongst the residents. Feng Shui says that if the doors are positioned in a straight line then the Chi, which is the natural flow of energy, will flow out from the last door, if the main door and the last door are of the same size. This problem will not arise if the main door is larger in size than the last door.

Another important reason, which is also mentioned in Vastu Shastra, is that any positive and helpful energies and vibrations resulting from any kind of Puja-Havan-Meditation or any other religious ritual is likely to flow out from the house. At the same time negative, harmful and regressive energy is likely to flow into the home.

However, there is no need to panic that is if you believe in Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, there are some most simple remedies, which are said to easily restore the balance of energy inside the house and negate the ill effect of the doors positioned in a straing line.

A Crystal Ball or Wind Chime placed on the top of main door is said to remove the defects resulting from this Architectural Defect.

If the doors are facing each other then placing a plant outside the door or a sticker or photograph of an auspicious symbol like Om-Trishul-Swastika on the top frame of the door or putting a curtain on the door will enable you to retain the helpful Chi Energy inside the house.

Feng Shui also recommends that all the doors of the house should open inwards. At the same time creaking sounds resulting from the opening and closing of the doors are considered to be inauspicious.

Care should be taken to see that mirrors are not fixed on the top of the main door, as they are likely to aggravate the problems of the positioning of the internal door of the house.

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