Yantra to stop Swapna Siddhi

This Yantra is a special charm for those practitioners who have gained the paranormal power of Swapna Siddhi or the psychic ability of having precognitive dreams, which is the special ability to dream about and foresee the events of the future before they actually happen.  This Yantra helps the practitioner in preventing precognitive dreams from occurring during his sleep on their own and without his consent.

The Yantra making process is not complicated; it has to be drawn as shown in the image on a Bhojpatra, using a pointed pomegranate stick as the pen. Any kind of writing ink can be used for this purpose. The Tantra has not described any kind of specific worship-Puja Vidhi or Sadhana of this Yantra, which means it, should be offered some scented flowers, incense stick and an oil lamp before putting it to use.

For actual use, the Yantra should be kept under the pillow before going to bed at night to put a stop to the precognitive dreams occurring in sleep.

Indian Charm to prevent Precognitive Dreams
Yantra to stop Swapna Siddhi

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