Mantra for Curing Ascites and Digestive Organs

The two Hindu Health Mantras given by me in this post are believed to be helpful in enhancing the chances of the recovery of patients suffering from Ascites, It  is also useful for relieving pain and speeding up the cure for other stomach related diseases and medical conditions like stomach pain and the malfunctioning of the digestive organs.

Ascites, known as Jalodar Rog in the Hindi language is a medical condition where there is large-scale retention of water in the stomach and the stomach becomes bloated and swollen and the patient experiences pain and discomfort. The cause for Ascites can vary from liver related diseases to cancer and is likely to lead to other serious diseases.

To practice this Mantra remedy the practitioner has to take water in a small Katori or cup and then keep the Katori in front of him and dip the five fingers of his right hand in the water and chant both these Mantras 21 times each in order to infuse the water with the healing potency of the Health Mantras.

Hindu Healing Spells for Curing Ascites and Digestive Organs
Mantra for Curing Ascites and Digestive Organs

Then he has to drink the Mantra infused water. This Mantra remedy can be practiced every day until the practitioner experiences relief. The Mantra remedy can be practiced on an empty stomach in the morning after getting up from bed.

Note – The practitioner can practice the remedy on others by giving them the Mantra infused water to drink. Care should be taken to ensure that the hands are clean before practicing the remedy.

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