Mantra Remedy to Cure Diabetics

Diabetics, Premaha Rog in Ayurveda and Madhumeha in Hindi can change the entire lifestyle of the patient and can turn into a killer and life threatening disease if left uncontrolled.  In this post, I have described an uncommon India cure for Diabetics by infusing Kali Miri [Black Pepper] with a Hindu Healing Mantra. The simple Mantra Prayoga can be practiced easily by anyone who believes in Indian Mantra Healing Therapy.

The practitioner has to take 7 Black Peppercorns and hold them in the right hand and chant the Dhanvantri Mantra, which I have given below 31 times. This infuses the Black Peppercorns with the power and potency of the Dhanvantri Mantra. Then he has to crush the Peppercorn along with a little quantity of sugar and consume the mixture.

ॐ धन्वंतरयै नमः ||
Om Dhanvantarayai Namah ||

This Mantra Prayoga is said to give relief to the sufferer and control his Diabetics. The remedy can be continued along with the regular medication until the patient gets relief. The Mantra remedy enhances the natural healing properties of Black Peppercorns, which are used in treating Diabetics in Ayurveda by infusing them with the Mantra of Dhanvantari, described in ancient Hindu religious literature as the Divine Healer.

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  1. Dear Neel,
    Would you please advise that
    1 ) how many doses in a day & what should be the time?
    2 ) should the quantity of sugar be same or bit less than black peppercorn?
    3 ) for how long one should practice this remedy?
    This will be great help.
    Jack Smith.

    1. One dose in the morning, with the breakfast should be sufficient.
      You can take about half a teaspoon of Sugar.
      The remedy can be practiced along with the regular medication until one experiences relief.

    2. Will this Cure your diabetics , make it vanish?

    3. The remedy has been described in a healing tantra and should be useful for getting relief from diabetics.

  2. Only patient has to do it or on be half of the patient anyone else can do . Please let me know . I am asking because of my mom.

    1. Yes, you can perform the remedy on behalf of your mother.

  3. Please correct me if am wrong,
    the patient should chant the mantra as prescribed here holding 7 black pepper(kaali Mirch as we say in Hindi) for 31 times. Then crush it with little table salt and have it with water. It should be taken once a day after breakfast.

    Sir ! Am I right with my understanding?

    1. Yes, you are right, it can be taken once a day with breakfast.

    2. Can we start it from any day? or should be started from a specific day only? plz guide. Thank you !

    3. You can commence the remedy on any day.

    4. Hello Neel ji !

      Should the Black Peeper to be taken with Sugar or table salt?
      Kindly guide.

    5. A little quantity of sugar as mentioned in the post.


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