Home Remedy to Remove Excessive Body Heat

This is a home remedy, which, probably your grandparents might have practiced to remove excessive heat from their bodies. This simple Indian home remedy make the use of a Bronze Mug or a Katori,  In the olden times Kasya [ Bronze] Utensils were found in most homes all over the world, including India, now a days they are rarely used as Bronze is more expensive than other metals, like stainless steel.
Bronze Mug used to remove excessive body heat
Bronze Mug rubbed on Palm

This home remedy as mentioned above is most simple all that has to be done to practice this remedy, if you are suffering from excessive body heat is to apply some Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] on your palms and rub them with the bottom of the Bronze Mug for about 5 minutes. The same method can also be practiced on the Soles of the feet.

A Brass Mug or Katori can also be used for this remedy and Pure Ghee can be replaced with Pure Coconut Oil.

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