Ashvini Kumar Mantra for all Diseases

There are numerous references to the Ashvini Kumaras in Hindu religious scriptures, dating back to the earliest of the Vedas, the Rig-Veda.  Though there are certain tales regarding their divine origin and attributes, one thing is almost certain, that they were recognized as the earliest divine healers in the earliest of the Hindu texts.

The Ashvani Kumaras are described as being ever youthful and extremely good-looking twins. This is suggestive of a dual life giving celestial healing energy. The first Nakshatra Ashwini/Ashvini [the constellation Beta Arietis] is believed to be named after the Ashvini Kumaras, another ancient indication about the importance of the Ashvini Kumaras during the Vedic times.

A respected Pundit, known to me advises his followers to chant the simple Ashvini Kumar Mantra whenever they fall ill and are under medical treatment as the medicines work better and their potency is enhanced by the chanting of the Mantra. The Mantra can be chanted 21 times before consuming any medicine for any kind of disease or before commencing any medical treatment of any kind. According to him, the Mantra works for all kinds of diseases.

Om Ashvini Kumaraaya Namah ||
ॐ अश्विनी कुमाराय नमः ||

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