How to Negate Harmful Effects of Psychic Attacks

This post addresses requests from readers, mostly non-Indians, not well versed with Hindu Paranormal Practices on ways and means to protect themselves and to prevent, negate and revert the ill effects of a Psychic Attack.

First and foremost, it is essential to be certain that you are at the receiving end of a Psychic Attack and what really is a Psychic Attack. This is essential because the Human Mind is always in a thinking mode and trying to find reason for any and everything.  If really convinced that you are at the receiving end of a Psychic Attack and it is not your imagination, which is running wild, and imagining things then only must you attempt to find ways and means to negate the Psychic Attack.

A  Psychic Attack is best explained in simple language as the intrusion of destructive, bad, harmful, dull and lifeless and negative energies into your Aura. Terms such as Aura will confuse common folks; hence, in the context of a Psychic Attack, this should be read as intrusion into the space, which immediately surrounds your body.

A  Psychic Attack in most cases is the result of the strong negative emotions and feelings of a person directed towards you. Such negative feeling includes strong emotions like, jealousy, hatred, enimity and anger coupled with an intense desire to hurt, harm and destroys you.  This includes energy intrusion by way of paranormal practices like Black magic, Curses and Voodoo Spells, the end motive of which is to hurt and harm you.

If really convinced that you are the recipient of a Psychic Attack, then one of the best and simple method to cleanse your Aura is to use Rock Salt in your bath water every day, you can look up the Rock Salt Remedies article written by me – Here, As explained in that post, the force and power of any kind of Psychic Attack, depends upon the level of the intensity of the negative thought forms, emotions and feelings directed towards you.

There are a large number of Hindu Paranormal Remedies, including Mantra and Yantra Remedies to prevent, negate, revert and destroy negative intrusions of all kinds, including ones from unseen and mystic sources posted on this site. These remedies can be useful for the practitioners of Hindu Mantra Remedies.

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  1. Respected NeelJi,

    Please tell any easy Mantra or method which can give me sudden painless death. Committing Suicide can be painful and discomforting.
    Thanks and Regards.
    Vivek Mathur

    1. Lol... Why wishing so dude? Go visit a will forget about dying.


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