Mantra for Curing Nail Diseases

Traditional Hindu Mantra Shastra differentiates the human nails from the skin and attributes certain specific diseases and disorders to malfunctions in the nails. The most common and widespread disorders relate to yeast, fungal and bacterial infections, which if not treated at an early stage could prove to be complicated. The Mantra given in this post is a rare Hindu Health Mantra specifically chanted to get relief from and to cure Nail related diseases and disorders of the Nails of the hand and feet, including improper growth of the Nails.

The Mantra shown in the image should be chanted while holding a small cup of water in the right hand  21 times in order to infuse the water in the cup with the potency of the Mantra.

Hindu Mantra and Healing Spell for Curing Nail Diseases and Disorders
Mantra for Curing Nail Diseases

The infused water should then be given to the person suffering from Nail disease to drink or if using the Mantra on yourself, it is you who should consume this infused water.

The Healing Mantra therapy should continue every day until the Nail disease is completely cured and relief is experienced. Those desiring beautiful and attractive Nails can also practice the Mantra Sadhana.

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  1. some protection mantras from paranormal entity ,to be fused with water or 37 sareya (mustard seeds) astrological item related to hanuman,narayan,ganesh,durga ma ....

  2. Sir,
    Should this has to be practised in empty stomach or aftr food can it b practised

  3. Sir, I want to do this sadhna for my son who had fungal infection in nail of feet.
    1) can a copper utensil (kalash) be used for holding water or steel glass will also do
    2) can it be done after sunset? Or in the early morning ?
    Along with this sadhna, can another one time sadhna prescribed by you( gold ornament in water ....clean the affected area... Sprinkle that residue water on road of daily usage... And sprinkle at choraha...) Be also carried out. Is the second remedy applicable to nail fungus ?

    1. Any cup or small utensil can be used for the Mantra Experiment.
      The Experiment can be done at any time of the day.
      You can safely practice the other remedy along with this remedy and it will have no adverse effect. The other remedy is also a healing remedy and it will also be helpful in curing the nail fungus.

  4. A foul nail is one indication of nail fungus disease. It is additionally a humiliating sight to manage, particularly on the off chance that one is in an open place.fungus key pro reviews


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