Simple Santan Prapti Mantra

To make things uncomplicated and easy those striving for progeny and having little time to perform lengthy Puja-Archana or Tantra-Mantra Prayog, here is a most simple Putra Prapti Mantra, which does not need any kind of worship or time consuming rituals.

The Mantra according to the Tantra works for those striving for progeny and also for those pregnant women who are hoping for a healthy and beautiful child.

There are two versions of the same Mantra shown in the image, both of them work for the same purpose. The woman desiring a child can chant any one of the two Mantras, anytime during the day or night, as many times as she likes. The Mantra can also be chanted during the Menstrual Periods.

Simple Indian Voodoo Spell for gaining a child
Simple Santan Prapti Mantra

Please note, my intention is not to give false hopes to anyone as birth and death is in the hands of God. I have only written what the scriptures say.

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