Kalika Siddhi Mantra

This is a Kalika Siddhi Mantra, Kalika is another name for the terrifying manifestation of the Mother Goddess; Kali Mata.  This is a Shabar Mantra; hence, the wordings are simple and easy to pronounce for anyone who has some knowledge of the Hindi language. The Shabar Mantra is said to fulfill the desires, hopes, aspirations and wishes of the Sadhaka with the blessings of Kali Mata. The Mantra also gives the Sadhaka divine protection from all dangers and hence, it also a most powerful Raksha Mantra.

The Kalika Mantra Sadhana has to be started on Saturdays at Midnight. The Sadhaka has to chant the Mantra, which I have given in the image without wearing any clothes on his or her body; that is completely nude. Hence, this experiment should be conducted in a secluded place or a closed room, where the Sadhaka has privacy and is unlikely to be disturbed while he is engrossed in the Mantra Chanting.

There is no fixed number of Mantra Chants for this experiment and the Sadhaka can keep chanting the Mantra as long as he likes. The Tantra says that doing Ajeevan Sadhana [lifelong Sadhana] of this Kalika Mantra will be extremely fortunate for the Sadhaka as this is a Shakti Mantra Sadhana.

 Kalika Siddhi Mantra of Kali Mata
 Kalika Siddhi Mantra

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  1. do we need mala or only chanting will do.Also will maa kali give darshan

    1. As Fixed number of Mantra Chants are not prescribed there is no need to use any kind of Mala or Counting Rosary.
      About the Darshan part it depends entirely upon the wishes of the Divine Mother.

  2. Sir I have been doing this sadhana , however I have pain in my left legs after some time of continuous sitting. Can I stand and do this sadhana also.

    1. Yes, you can also perform this Mantra Sadhana in a standing position.

  3. guruji I want to know about Kali beej mantra "om kreem kaalikaye namah" and its vidhi...n effects or side effects...I have seen on different websites..only about mantra...plzz reply to my query...

    1. The Siddhi Sadhana for advanced Shakti Sadhaks can differ according to their specific Gurukuls. If you are a layperson then chant the Mantra for for 1 Mala Daily.

  4. Mr.Neel Sir,

    should one continue doing this sadhana everyday after starting on saturday or doing it on saturdays only. You said satuday at midnight to start, do you mean friday at midnight and the next day is saturday or saturday at midnight,the next day is sunday? Thank you

    1. The Sadhana should be commenced on the Midnight of Saturday, where the next day is Sunday.
      You can continue this Sadhana as long as you wish, the only thing needed in complete focus of the mind on the meditation.

    2. Thank you Sir, I will do it to get the Blessings of the Goddess and thank you for your hard work giving us such gems and rare mantras.

  5. Hi Neelji, thanks for answering questions. You did reply to someone's message that Saturday midnight but there is still confusion. For example, I do this Saturday night 108 times. Then whenever next I want to do mantra, do I have to follow specific instructions (the no cloths thing) or its for first time only?

    And second thing I want to ask. please answer as per your belief and what u think best. I Don't have any guru. So, I will follow what u say.
    Question is- I want to get a project to completed successfully for improved finances as well personal life. So, before I start mantra, do I have to say wish or just start without it?

    And can I start Saturday do 108 charts n daily 11x? N again for that daily 11 chants - does it have to be midnight n no cloths or it's only for initiating the sadhna?

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

    1. You, can perform the Mantra Sadhana on Saturday Night as mentioned in the post, there is no need to count the Mantras, you can chant as long as you are able to chant without discomfort.
      This can be a one day Mantra Sadhana or Ajeevan Sadhana as mentioned above, apart from the Mantra Chanting there is nothing more to be done.
      There is not need for a Guru.

  6. After we do the sadhana on saturday night, do we continue it only in the night (naked)? or can we do afterwards in the morning? Is being naked a must afterwards? Please help anybody.

  7. is this tamassik sadana? are there any dangers? or is it sattvic?or something else?


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