Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yantra Tantra For Becoming An Actor

Many young girls and boys dream of becoming film or stage actors, especially in India where movie stars are idolized like Demi Gods, make a lot of money and have a lavish lifestyle. There is said to be a Tantra, which is said to fulfill the hopes and aspiration of these aspiring actors. Even though, I have personally not witnessed anyone who has successfully practiced this Tantra to turn his dreams into reality, I am still writing about this Tantra Yantra Experiment in this post.

This Sadhana is extremely stiff and time consuming and need a lot of effort and sincerity to accomplish it as per the Tantra.  Tiny copies of the Yantra shown in the image have to be prepared on a Bhojpatra, using a pointed wooden stick as the pen and the paste of Kesar [Saffron] as the ink.

Magical Yantra Tantra For Becoming An Actor
 Yantra Tantra For Becoming An Actor

The aspirant has to prepare 125,000 such tiny Yantras and then insert them into small balls of Gehun Ka Atta [dough of wheat flour]. This can be divided into an equal number of Yantra preparations per day so as to accomplish the task in a fixed number of days.

The aspirant has to throw the wheat dough balls containing the Yantra into a river or lake so that they may be eaten by fish.

The Yantra shown in the image is the most famous and powerful Indian magical charm, the Pandhara Che Yantra, vibrating to the numerical frequency of the number 15. Apart from what I have mentioned in the post, the Tantra does not need any other kind of Puja-Vidhi.

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  1. Dear Neel/Ashok Sir,
    I wish there had been only a mantra sadhana to become a great actor.

  2. sir there any process to be political leader

  3. Sir I want to go into politics. Is there any sadhana for this?


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