Paranormal Remedies for Differences with Parents

In this post, I have written about two interesting Hindu paranormal remedies to resolve any kind of differences with parents, including differences of opinion over love affairs, marriage, business or money and ancestral property. Both the Totke, do not need any other Puja-Vidhi or Mantra-Tantra, other than what is mentioned by me in this post. The remedies are simple and easy to perform and suitable for laypersons and Non-Indians.

For differences with father- I f having any kind of differences, with the father, the practitioner should perform this paranormal remedy on the first Sunday of the Shukla Paksha, the first Sunday of the Bright Fortnight of the Hindu Month according to the Hindu Calendar. On this day, he should immerse 1.25 Kilograms of Jaggery in a clean flowing water body, like a river, canal or the sea. The water flow should not be flowing in the direction of the practitioner, but the opposite direction.

For differences with mother- if having any difference of opinion with the mother, the practitioner should perform this particular remedy for seven Monday in a row.  On these seven Mondays, the practitioner should offer 250 Milliliters of fresh, unboiled and unused Cow Milk to a Shivling. By offering the milk, I mean the milk should be poured slowly over the Shivling; this is also known as bathing the Shivling with milk.

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