Strengthen Money Direction in Feng Shui

The North Direction is as per the teaching of Feng Shui, the direction of money and wealth.  Feng Shui has highlighted certain specific recommendations to strengthen the positive vibrations coming from this direction and also to attract new helpful energy inside the home or office in order to attract money and make sudden windfalls possible. In this post, I have given the simplest of recommendations, suitable for everyone, including laypersons to strengthen and make the Money Direction of the House Healthier.

Decorative Waterfalls or Water Fountains placed in the Northern Direction are considered to be most helpful in attracting money and wealth into the premises. In case this is not possible due to certain reasons, including shortage of space, then an Aquarium placed in this direction gives the best results.

According to Vastu Shastra, one of the simplest ways to strength the Money Direction if to place a photograph of Kubera, the custodian of wealth in the South Direction. Stickers and images of the Om, Swastika or the Trishul, both paranormal and holy symbols in the Hindu religion are considered to be helpful if placed on the Main Door of the premises.

In both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra cleanliness and hygiene in a must, excessive clutter and garbage, especially in front or in the inside portion of the Main Door is considered to be a road block in attracting positive vibrations and removing monetary shortages. Traditional Hindu religious texts preaches repeatedly that Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance avoids unclean and unhygienic places.

Following these, most simple recommendations are believed to negate harmful and regressive vibrations, which create financial shortages and attract new money and make sudden monetary gains possible for the residents of the house.

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  1. sir i like your all posts almost i have one question i brought 1 kuber murti from feng shui shop n set it in my mandir face west so is it ok?give me idea

    1. It is all right for the Kubera Statue to be kept in the Mandir facing west, see to it that the Kubera Murti is not obstructed by any other Murti in the Mandir.


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