The Period Preceding Kalki Avatar

The final days of the Kali Yuga will see a lot of paranormal movements, the visible movements of the Tamsik, Rajsik and Satvik energies, which control everything in the Universe. The Tamsik energies will be at their highest level [75% of all the energies that populate the world] at the peak of the Kali Yuga. The 75% level, which I have pointed out earlier, is the benchmark in Hindu Cosmology when the dominance of that particular energy will be challenged by the other two energies to restore the balance of nature.

This is also said to be the period when the last of the Dashavatara of Vishnu, the Kalki Avatar will manifest upon earth. Kalki, literally translated means the remover of dirt or destroyer of the Tamsik [evil/dark energies].

The events leading to the manifestation of the Kalki Avatar upon earth are also mentioned in the Bible prophecies. The Bible prophecy mentioned below indicates the movement of the Universal Spirit [God] in the days, which immediately precede the end times of the Kali Yuga.  There are numerous such prophecies present in the Bible, which are descriptive of the days preceding the arrival of the Kalki Avatar, however, this one is among the more interesting of these Bible prophecies. In Christianity, this period is known as the period of the Tribulation, the days preceding the End Times, when the Second Coming [Arrival of Kalki Avatar] will occur.

“My Spirit shall possess the bodies of men and women and these men and women shall be able to make prophecies of the things to come. Young men and women shall dream and see visions of the future; events, which are going to unfold” – Joel- 2.28,29.

The movement of the Spirit of God, I will not call it descend as some people call it, simply because it does not descend from anywhere, it is always present on the earth, will be visible and it will enter the consciousness of a large number of men and women. The means that some people are going to be set apart or selected for the next stage in the evolution of mankind while the rest are fated to be destroyed.  The Bible prophecy speaks about the evolution of those who have been set apart from the rest as they reach higher levels of consciousness as beings of a different plane of existence.

Vishnu, the Preserver or the Protector out other Hindu Divine Trinity always manifests to preserve the earth and protect it from destruction by the Tamsik energies.  The time when the Tamsik energies reach the 75% level is soon approaching; this is time when the world will witness paranormal movements, which we call miracles as the Kali Yuga ends and a New Yuga commences according to Hindu Cosmology.

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