Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra Sadhana

The Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra is considered to be an extremely useful knowledge and brainpower enhancing Mantra. Though normally prescribed as an aid for student striving to gather knowledge, the Mantra can be chanted by anyone who is engaged in the quest for knowledge. In the post below is the recommended way to perform this Mantra Sadhana.

The Mantra Sadhana can be commenced on any day. The Sadhaka should sit down comfortably before an idol or photograph of Shri Krishna and light an Agarbatti and commence the chanting of the Mantra. A Tulsi Japa Chanting Mala is believed to give the best results, if unable to find one, any other Japa Mala will do.

The Mantra is said to start giving positive results after the completion of 100,000 Mantra Chants. Hence, the Sadhaka should complete a fixed number of Mantra Chants every day.

There is no need for any other kind of Puja for performing this Mantra Sadhana. Small children can also benefit from this experiment if they are made to listen to a recording of the Mantra.  As is a Satvik Mantra Prayoga, if a girl student is performing the Sadhana, she should discontinue it during her Menstrual Cycle.

Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra to increase knowledge
Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra

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