Manohara Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

The Yakshni invoking Sadhana explained in this post is a Mantra Sadhana to invoke the Manohara Yakshini. The Manohara Yakshini is a fair and stunningly beautiful young woman who appears to be 16 years old. She is mounted upon a Lion. She wears a garland of beautiful scented flowers on her neck, she holds a Kamal Ka Phool [lotus flower] in her hand. Her hair are untied and flowing freely and she Sindoor [Vermilion] on her forehead.

The Manohara Yakshini Mantra Sadhana has to be started at Midnight on a Saturday, during the period of the Swati Nakshatra [the constellation Arcturus].  The Sadhana has to be done for 11 days in a row under a Banyan tree located in a lonely place, where the practitioner is not likely to be disturbed. On the first day, the Sadhak should have a bath and establish a Murti of Kaal Bhairava in the trunk of the Bargad tree [Banyan tree] and worship the Kaal Bhairava Murti with offerings of Dhoop/Deep.

 After this, the Sadhak has to chant the Manohara Yakshini Mantra shown in the image 1000 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala, where the Rudraksha Beads are threaded in a Black Colored thread. After the completion of the 1000 Mantra Chants, the Sadhak has to prepare a Murti of the Manohara Yakshini using Gehun Ka Atta [Wheat Dough] and keep it near the Kaal Bhairava Murti.

Manohara Yakshini Mantra and Voodoo Spell
Manohara Yakshini Mantra 

The same Sadhana should be performed faithfully for the next ten days. The Sadhak should be totally immersed in the Manohara Yakshini Mantra Sadhana for these 11 days and should perform Daan every day by giving food to small children and women, in order to get their blessings.

After the completion of the 11-day Sadhana, the Sadhak should collect all the 11 Wheat Dough Murtis of the Manohara Yakshini and bury them in his backyard.

If the practitioner has succeeded in pleasing the Manohara Yakshini, there will be a sweet fragrance of flowers before the Manohara Yakshini appears. After which come a variety of birds and animals, which keep changing forms, some of the birds and animal will be possessed by mystic entities like Daityas, Danavas and Asuras. Finally, the Manohara Yakshini appears holding a garland of Chandramukhi Shankh [garland of Moon Shaped Conch Shells] in her hands.

By the blessings of the Manohara Yakshini, the Sadhak gains immensely in wealth and property and gets Chitta Shanti [complete peace of mind]. The Sadhak does not have to long for anything; he gets whatever he needs, even before asking for it. He becomes fearless, as there is nothing to fear from. If he misuses the wealth and money on useless pursuits like wine, women and gambling, the Manohara Yakshini destroys his loved ones.

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