Ram Mantras for Love and Marriage

The Ramcharitmanas comprises of numerous Mantras, for almost each and every purpose in life. This site has over the past many years published a selection of Mantras from this Divine Composition. In this post, I am writing about three different Mantras form the purpose of love, attraction and marriage. The Mantra Sadhana described in this post is different from that of the earlier Ramcharitmanas Mantra given earlier.

The first Mantra is Mantra for getting success in love and is said to increase love and affection between the two lovers.

The second Mantra is more like a Vashikaran or Akarshan Mantra and is believed to be useful in attracting a desired lover and woks more like a Love Enchantment Spell.

The third Mantra is said to increase the chances of the practitioner in getting married and remove obstacles, if any, which might be stopping him or her from getting married.

Ram Mantras for Love and Marriage from the RamcharitManas
Ram Mantras for Love and Marriage

All the three Mantra are Satvik as they are from the Ramcharitmanas and will never give success if practiced for impure, selfish purposes, which are meant to deceive or harm others.

For Gaining Siddhi over the Mantra - An Agni Havan has to be performed in the home of the practitioner and a minimum of eight out of the 12 ingredients given below have to be offered to the Havan. I have left out the more difficult to find Havan Offerings from the list.

Sandalwood Powder, Rice Grains, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Dried Grapes, Sesame Seeds, Ghee of a Cow, Camphor Tablets, Pure Saffron, Jav[Barley] and Dal [any dried pulse].

The practitioner has to offer 108 Aahutis to the Havan, each time chanting the Mantra, while offering the Aahuti. This Sadhana is said give the practitioner Siddhi over the selected Mantra from the Ramcharitmanas.

After performing the Havan and gaining Mastery over the selected Mantra, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 108 times daily, till his purpose is met and he gets success in love or marriage as desired by him.

Note- The Mantra Sadhana procedure given in this post is just one of the ways to Master such Ramcharitmanas Mantras. These Mantras can also be practiced using different Siddhi Sadhanas.

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  1. Dear neel sir, can we chant this mantras without doing any havan? Or would u suggest any different sidhi shadhana for this abov mantras, coz i am not able to do havan. Kindly reply guruji

    1. Take sankalp before doing japa and mention the reason why you wont be able to do havan

  2. Dear Sir,
    Is it compulsory to do havan at home or we can do outside at any other place and is there any time to chant or in a day anytime we can chant?


  3. Guruji, can we do this sadhana sidhii without havan pls provide us different sidhi experiment :) thanks for your valuable time, jay hanuman

  4. Guruji pranam,

    I have few questions
    1) can we use both mantras 1 and 3 at a time?
    2) the mantra which you have define for the purpose of marriage is for love marriage?

    Please reply

    Thanks you

    1. Yes, you can chant both the Mantras, the marriage mantra, will also work for a love marriage.

  5. Dear neel ji
    Please clarify
    Do we have to mix all the ingridients together and then do havan also which direction to face and any day pr timings

  6. Please make a video of the second mantra. Thank you


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