Bonsai Cactus Green Plants in Feng Shui

The bonsai and cactus plants are considered inauspicious symbols for the home or office, that is if one goes by the recommendations of the Oriental science of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui advises against keeping these plants in your home or office and this is the reason why the bonsai and cactus are unpopular and avoidable plants amongst the followers of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui says that the cactus plant and its small thorns generate negative Chi or energy in it surroundings and this Chi is regressive and harmful for the home or office premises.

The bonsai plant, which is a stunted version of the original plant grown artificially in containers, is believed to stunt the growth of a business or individual if kept in a business premises or a house.

Feng Shui recommends that instead of the bonsai or cactus plants, the Jade and money plant can be kept in the home or office premises. If these plants are positioned in the southeast direction of the house, they will be auspicious for the residents and will bring abundance and prosperity for the residents.

As per Feng Shui, the southwest direction is the direction of the earth element and hence this direction is connected to marriage and aspirations, hopes and desires related to marriage. According to the Vinashak Chakra, the wood element destroys the earth element; green trees are connected to the wood element and hence harmful for the energy generated by the earth element.  Hence, Feng Shui recommends that green plants should not be positioned in the southwest direction of the house, as this will be inauspicious for the marriage prospects of the inhabitants of the house or office.

Feng Shui considers the main door of the house as the most important entry point for energy into the house or office. Beautiful and decorative plants positioned on both the sides of the main door are believed to attract helpful and positive Chi inside the house. The only exceptions are the bonsai and cactus plants, which as mentioned above are considered avoidable plants in Feng Shui.

The bamboo tree is one of those trees, which are able to face every kind of storms; hence, the Chinese people consider this tree to be an auspicious symbol for long life, health and peace.  A photo, image or poster of the bamboo tree is believed to be auspicious if positioned in the southeast direction of the home.  A pair of six-inch long bamboo tied with red colored thread is a Chinese good luck charm, which is tied on both sides of the main door to attract positive Chi inside the home, shop or office premises.

If someone is unable to keep green plants in their home or office, they can keep a photo or image of greenery in nature, fresh green trees, plants or gardens of green trees or plants in the southeastern direction of the house of office. The southeast direction is the direction of the wood element and as greenery is one of the symbols of this direction; such images or photos strengthen the southeast direction and bring abundance and prosperity for the residents of the household or office.

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