Positioning Fuk, Luk and Sau as per Feng Shui

Fuk, Luk and Sau are three Chinese Gods which you would normally find in the home of most Chinese people. Keeping these three deities in the house is considered as most auspicious by the Followers of Buddhism, Taoism as well as those having a firm belief in Feng Shui. These idols are not kept separately, but together and are seen normally affixed on a platform.

Of these three Gods Fuk enjoys a higher position than the other two, he is the God of good fortune. Luk is the God of Social Popularity and Success and Sau who is completely bald stands for a long life. The idol of Fuk is always placed in the center flanked by the other two.

The three idols are to be always kept clean; if the idols are damaged they have to be replaced. There is however no need to worship them or give them any kinds of offerings, like most Hindu Deities. Their presence in the house is said to be sufficient in enhancing the attributes they represent among the members of the household.

The positioning of the idols of Fuk, Luk and Sau holds great importance in Feng Shui. They have to be placed in an elevated position in the kitchen. This is said to ensure their blessings of good fortune, social success and long life to the persons residing in the house.

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