Mantras: How To Love Yourself

While it's important to show love to the people who are important in your life, it's also extremely important to love yourself. If you don't love yourself, it can be next to impossible for you to love others, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Unfortunately though, we don't always love ourselves in the ways we truly deserve. We're all beautiful human beings who deserve love, but sometimes we need a little help when it comes to self love. If you'd like to learn to love yourself more, so to make your entire existence more pleasant and meaningful, here are four great ways to help increase the love you feel for yourself.

1. Look For The Positives
While it may be easy to find attributes you love in other people, it may not be as simple to find attributes you love in yourself. If you think about it, though, there is plenty to love about you! If you want to increase the love you feel for yourself, make a list of all your positive attributes and make sure you think of these attributes on a daily basis. Once you focus on the positive traits you have, you will begin to love yourself more.

2. Cut Yourself Some Slack
It may be extremely easy to be down on yourself, especially during a difficult life situation, but you must always remember that self love begins with being good to you. Instead of always thinking the worst about yourself, cut yourself some slack and appreciate yourself for the truly beautiful person you really are.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive People
It's been proven time and time again that those who don't love themselves tend to attract negative people in their lives that only contribute to feelings of self loathing. If you would like to feel more love for yourself, try and surround yourself with positive people because these people will help reaffirm the fact that you are a beautiful person who deserves to feel love both from others and from yourself.

4. Take Care Of Yourself
When you take care of yourself both physically and mentally, you are going to feel higher levels of self love. Along with eating healthy and taking an extra few minutes with your appearance, you will begin to love yourself in ways you may not have before. Plus, taking care of yourself will radiate a glow that will make it next to impossible for you not to love the wonderful person you truly are.

In order to live a happier, more fulfilled life, you're going to need to learn to love yourself. Once you begin to shower yourself with the type of love you may freely give others, you will begin to realize that you are a special person who deserves nothing but the very best out of love. If you are having problems learning to love yourself, the above listed four tips should help give you the ability to love yourself in a way that will increase the level of happiness in your life. Always remember, you're a beautiful person who deserves love, and that love begins with falling in love with you.

Joseph Rodriguez writes about all things related to self-help and inner happiness. His recent work is on his plans to earn a masters in counseling online.

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