14 Lal Kitab Remedies for Pisces

In the quest to give unique remedies, for all the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, from the mystical Hindu Text; the Lal Kitab, we now come to 12th and last sin of Pisces; Meen Rashi. I have given 14 unique pieces of advice from the Lal Kitab for this sign.

1] Draw, Paint or Emboss the sign of a Red Swastika on the front side of your Vest.

2] Do not have a bath in front of anybody.

3] If you have a shaven head always keep a Sikha. A Sikha is a small and longish bunch of hair on the backside of the shaven head; a normal part of many Indian religious rituals.

4] Donate or offer Clothes to a Mandir as an offering and avoid giving offerings of eatables as Prasad.

5] Do not keep a Tulsi Plant in your home,

6] Keep cleanliness in you place of worship at home and also take part in the cleanliness of Holy Places and Temples.

7] Donate items related to the planet Jupiter as charity to the poor and needy.

8] Worshipping a Peepal Tree is auspicious for Pisceans.

9] Always have faith in yourself and your fortune; do not accept charity from anyone.

10] Take care never to have a Ditch in front of your house.

11] If in Business, taking the advice of your spouse is beneficial.

12] Wrap Gold in Yellow Colored Cloth.

13] Feeds Grains to Hens.

14] Taking the Blessings of a True Guru will always help you in life.

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  1. Please clarify my doubt that as per remedy No.05, is it fully forbidden to keen the Tulsi Plant or One can keep in the lawn especially for worship purposes.

    1. These are recommendations only; however there is no harm in keeping a Tulsi Plant in your lawn for the purpose of worshipping it.

  2. Normalyy it is said that Tulsi ji is to remove negative energy and Tulsi ji is considered as best for all vastu dosa . I am 7th may 1975 evening 5:26min evening Place Gaziabhad UP near Delhi so I am meen but I keep Tulsa Ji at maximum Places I can please

  3. I am Meen rashi...as per the Remedy no.5..."Should I not keep a Tulsi plant in my home?"


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