10 Lal Kitab Remedies for Libra

Libra the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac; known in Hindi as Tula Rashi has been given 10 main advises in the mystical Indian text; the Lal Kitab. I have given these 10 advices in simple language for the benefit of Librans.

1] Have complete faith in God.

2] Once in a while give some charity of White Colored Butter, Curds or Potatoes to a temple or a place of worship.

3] Sprinkle Gomutra [Cow Urine] in all the rooms of your home and if it is possible for you drink some of the Gomutra.

4] Bring some Silver or a Silver Utensil from the home of your In-Laws and keep it in your house.

5] If you are a man then request a Brass Utensil as part of the Wedding Gifts from your In-Laws.

6] Advise all the ladies in the house not to move around in the house Barefooted, ask them to always wear some sort of Footwear.

7] Always respect and honour women; if you are a man.

8] Take the advice of your parents before selecting a Bride or Groom for yourself.

9] Bury some Honey in a Silver Box under the entrance of your home.

10] Do not accept any part of the charity which has been given by someone for holy purposes.

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