Animal and Plant Tantra to stop Loose Motions

In this post, I have included two different Hindu paranormal Tantras, which are believed to stop loose motions, dysentery or diarrhea.  One Tantra uses an animal part and the other a plant part. These Tantras are amongst the numerous traditional Indian remedies, some of which are still actively practiced by some practitioners of the Tantra.

A portion of the root of the Gondni plant has to be uprooted or brought home on a Sunday. The Gondni or Gondani tree is known as Chikini in Marathi and its botanical name is Gerascanthus gharaf. It has small roundish reddish orange fruits.

The root portion if tied with a red colored string on the waist is believed to stop Loose Motions. When the Loose Motions stop completely and the patient get total relief, the roots has to be removed from the waist and immersed in some flowing water body.

There is another Tantra to stop Loose Motions – The skin of an any weatish colored snake [the skin that has been shed by a wheat colored snake] is inserted inside a small cloth bag and the opening of the bag is stitched/sealed completely. This bag is then tied on the stomach of the person suffering from Loose Motions.  This bag containing the snakeskin is then disposed off in the same manners as in the remedy given above.

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