Vashikaran Mantra Spell using Nails

There are some very specific Vashikaran Spells, which make the use the nails of the hand and feet to cast a spell of enchantment on a desired person, be it a man or woman. Some such spells with and without using a Vashikaran Mantra have already been given in earlier articles. The Vashikaran experiment given in this post infuses the human nails with a Vashikaran Mantra to cast a spell as part of a unique and rare experiment which is explained below.

The nails of the third finger from and the third toe have to be cut on a Tuesday and burnt to ash. This ash has to be inserted in an Eating Paan [Indian Betel Nut preparation] and given to the desired person to eat.

While performing this experiment the Vashikaran Mantra given here has to be chanted all the time.

Note- This is a Tamsik Vashikaran Spell and the effect of consuming the ash of the nails could adversely affect the health of a particular person.

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  1. Namaste Guruji,
    Please let me know whether nails from both the third fingers which is the middle finger and both the third toe of both legs should be used or only one hand and one toe is fine. Desperately in need of your responce.

    Thanks in Advance Guruji

    1. The nails both the middle finger and third toe of both hands and feet are used in this Vashikaran Prayog.

  2. pls suggest some mantras to crack govt exams guruji

    1-Please suugest kya hum nails ki ash ko kisi bhi khane ya peene ki cheez me de sakte hai ya sirf paan me hi dena hai..2—third finger kaha se count karna hai thumb se ya thumb se next finger se..
    Please reply guruji…

    1. As mentioned in the article, it is Paan and not any other food stuff.
      The third fingers as already replied to the comment are the Middle fingers of the hand and the third toe.

  4. Ye karne se wo insan humari baat sunega??? Or isko krne se us insan ko kuch hoga to nai naa ??? Matlab muje bas apni baat p haan karwani h lekin uska kuch galat naa ho ye krne se

  5. Sir.. My husband is away from me.. He tortured me and blackmailed me under my in-laws guidance. Relatives from both sides are supporting me. We have a 4 year old child.

    Can I cut my nails on any Tuesday and make a powder and keep it with me till I meet my husband, and then use it then? Please answer me sir. It will be really helpful for me.

    1. Yes, you could do so and put a very small quantity in the Paan and perform the entire spell in secrecy and tell no one about it.

    2. Thank you so much for the answer sir.🙏

    3. Sir.. Should I chant the mantra while I feed him too. Or is it enough that I chant it while burning the nails.


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