Most Powerful Muslim Voodoo Spell

In this post is given a most powerful and diverse Islamic Spell, which is believed to grant the one that Master the Spell the paranormal physic powers to cast a most powerful and effective Spell. The Voodoo Spell can be used to remove an enemy from his path, the power to remove an unwanted tenant, guest or employee [Videshan and Uchatan] or to put any person under a Voodoo Spell of enchantment, control and management [Vashikaran, Mohini and Akarshan Prayog].

The Muslim Tantra from which this Mantra is derived is known as the Chaya Siddhi Tantra – छाया सिध्दी तंत्र or the Tantra to cast Voodoo Spells by unleashing the powers of one shadow.  This Islamic Spell is known as the Chaya Purush Mantra Sadhana-छाया पुरुष मंत्र साधना and the Mastery procedure is given below in this post.

The experiment has to be commenced at Midnight in an empty room on the day of Nauchandi – Sunday. The first Sunday of the New Moon as per the Islamic Calendar. The practitioner has to light a Mustard Oil Lamp and stand naked with his back facing the Mustard Oil Lamp.  After this, he has to chant the Chaya Siddhi Mantra shown in the image 303 times, using any kind of Counting Rosary to keep track of the number of Mantra Chants. While chanting the Mantra, the practitioner has to fix his gaze upon his shadow, which is being cast by the Mustard Oil Lamp.

The Most Powerful Muslim Naqsh Mantra Voodoo Spell

The same Islamic Tantra has to be followed for the next 39 days [40 days in all]. After the completion of the Mantra Sadhana, the practitioner is said to gain Mastery over the Chaya Purush Spell.

To cast a Voodoo Spell on any person for the purpose mentioned in the first paragraph, the practitioner has to follow the same procedure, which has been given above just once. While chanting the Mantra and fixing his gaze upon his shadow, the practitioner has to think about the person/person he wishes to put under the Voodoo Spell and for what purpose.

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  1. Do we have to take diksha for this mantra

  2. How to use this mantra for financial purpose

  3. Plz reply how to use this mantra for financial purpose

  4. Can a non Muslim do this siddhi.

  5. Neel sir..I just read this article about the hamzad calling as per islamic way.
    Sir,I have a question and I really do hope that you would answer.
    Sir,in your other articles about hamzad,you had stated that hamzad can be used to ask about past and future sir,through this muslim way of calling our hamzad,can we know past and present too or it's only limited to casting a spell on other humans.
    Please do guide and answer sir.

    1. Anything or any spell can be cast using the Hamzad, provided you known the correct tried and tested procedure.

  6. Thank you Neel sir for answering and guiding.


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