Future Attractive Large Breasts in Women

Women had long been well aware of attractive usefulness of bigger than average breasts. Some past clothing was better for revealing good development here. This could attract more favorable interest from possible desired males, including for sexual mating, maybe ultimately leading to a desired permanent marriage. (Some clothing showed off what was actually faking volume padding.)

Aware of such male preferences for expanded breasts in matured women, a few human females had even been paying for having surgically inserted supposedly chemically inactive safe implants to fill some of their loose volume here as they wanted, simply to attract broader interest from more males whom they could then nicely more easily choose an approving mate from.

By 2000, artificial modifications for the sexes had begun being developed. After hormones had been discovered, then could be biochemically refined and maybe even improved, it became possible to have some produced which could be taken as pills or injections, or applied in special places. Some males had then begun doing some of this to help them in their athletic competitions, hoping to gain improved extra developed muscle strength and endurance. Also some had used "performance enhancing drugs" to win competitions more easily.

This had then become judged unfair against simple purely naturally developed hard working repeatedly lengthy strenuously exercising athletes. It had been considered that athletic victories were proper honoring deserved rewards, in part for years of their past dedicated strenuous long hard laboring practices.

So thus if some athlete became too suspected of unnatural extra hormone use or use of "performance enhancing drugs", sometimes he would be required to be tested just before any athletic competition or after an unexpected victory, tested for possible use of any of them. If testing positive, he might have any victory judged as quite unfair, to then be stripped away from him. He might then also be banned a while from new competitions. So it wasn't only religious conservatives who had felt much opposed against any somewhat unnatural alterations modifying humans.

Some special hormone applications had later become available for women, for applying during maturing developments, such as for maybe firmer &/or bigger breasts. Such breast enhanced past women were trying to gain an attractive advantage from any male they could prefer, to raise extra desires, to then gain more time from him. This might help to win a preferred male, to then possibly more likely helpfully mate with, for her long term desired happier future.

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