Mantra for Morning Urine and Stools

This is a post for those spiritual aspirants who meditate early in the morning, especially during the auspicious timing of Brahma Muhurta. These aspirants are worried about the impurities, which they might come across because of the unavoidable morning urine and stools. However, there is nothing to worry for these Sadhaks as Sabar Vidya prescribes certain Mantras, which not only remove the impurities but also attract positive spiritual vibration.

Sometimes in the past, I had published a couple of Sabar Mantras for the same purpose, the first Mantra shown in the image, which is for passing the first early morning urine is an updated version of the earlier one, which can be seen – Here.

The second Mantra for passing the morning stools is a different one and can be used, if desired instead of the one published earlier, which can be seen-Here.

Both these Sabar Mantra do not need any kind of Siddhi Sadhana and if the Sadhak or for that after any other person desires to use them all that has to be done is to chant them just once, while passing urine or stools.

Hindu Voodoo Spell to purify Morning Urine and Stools
Mantra for Morning Urine and Stools

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