Paranormal Kada to Remove Gas and Ghosts

In this post, I have written about an Indian Paranormal Tantra to remove chronic stomach gas, evil and harmful spirits, and mystic entities. The paranormal remedy uses a simple Kada. The Kada or Kara is a kind of plain metal bracelet, which is worn around the wrist, somewhat similar to the Kara worn by the Sikhs and other Punjabi people.

Given below is the procedure of preparing the Kada, known in Hindi as the Vayu Gola Nashak Kada and practicing the Tantra.

To prepare the Kada the iron, which has been used in a Nail, which is or has been used in the structure of ship or boat that has sailed in a river and the iron from a used horseshoe, has to be taken in equal quantity [ The horseshoe and iron nail from a ship have always been believed to possess paranormal and  magical properties ]. Then the two iron pieces have to be joined together and a Kada has to be prepared.  This has to be done through a blacksmith. This Kada has to be worshipped by offering it Dhoop and Deep and worn around the wrist as a healing talisman.

The Kada is also said to possess other paranormal properties, one of them being that of an evil energy, malefic spirit, bad and ghostly energies and vibrations removal talisman. For this purpose, the Kada has to be kept immersed in drinking water overnight and the water has to be consumed in the morning.

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