Future Modifications of Female Breasts

Unsurprisingly, female moderns now safely off Earth felt quite contented with likely winning some extra approving interest from males, such as after gaining fully well developed noncellular new brain volumes expanded within their breasts (normally little needed other than for just the quite small volume fraction producing good milk for nursing a new baby).

Breasts are modified sudoriferous (sweat) glands. The larger mammary glands within the breast produce the milk. They are distributed throughout the breast, with 2/3 of their tissues found within 3cm of the base of the nipple. These are drained to the nipple by 4-18 lactiferous ducts, where each has its own opening. The network formed by these ducts is something like the branched roots of a tree. It is not always arranged radially, and branches from near the nipple. The ducts near the nipple do not act as milk reservoirs; Ramsay et al. have shown that earlier conventionally described lactiferous sinuses don't exist.

The remainder of the breast is composed of connective tissue (collagen and elastin), adipose tissue (fat), and Cooper's ligaments. (The ratio of glands to adipose tissues rises from 1:1 in nonlactating women to 2:1 in lactating women of ordinary (not big) breast size.)

Mothers enjoyed feeling some contented pleasure rewards from having a baby nurse from their nipples, which most usefully kept them quietly patiently letting one often nurse as long as it liked. Interest in breast centers by their mates might then also entice a male to playfully lick or suck here, or to fondly enjoy giving good feeling tempting pleasure rewards from loving fond caressing over here, maybe enticing a mate into sex, usefully needed to have kept humans a surviving and successfully evolving species.

Breasts could now be conveniently well exploited, getting internally revised and enlarged even more, good for two halves of very advanced complex molecular matrices computer implants overlapping between breasts, while also gaining body heat to electric energy converters here useful for such implants. Females shouldn't mind much increased volumes here. Safely off Earth, it should increase good interest from a male partner, to happily and helpfully stay partnered with such a brainier newly improved (and more attractive) female.

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